Ladies 3rd XI Vs Matlock 3

Date 17 November 2018
Team Ladies 3rd XI
Opposition Matlock 3
Fixture Away
Venue TBC
Start time 10:00
Result L 0 - 3
Time played
Match Report

So today we played some hockey against Matlock - with Roz and Twig providing the dance moves on the sideline. In the first half we passed the ball around a bit, mostly to our own players and did some triangles and stuff like we were told.

Still 0-0 at half time. We had a team chat about more triangles and passing with Collette openly paying more attention to the church bells than our discussion. Our sweet selection was on form as usual - still making it through Jackie’s e-number filled American jelly snakes but definite thumbs up to the tangy wine gums this week.

Second half we did some more passing and some more triangles but also a lot of passing straight to the opposition. Jules broke a nail at somepoint - commiserations.

Matlock scored. Then Claire scored! Woop! Shame it was in our goal. Then Matlock scored.

3-0 FT score. MOM votes Rach (1) Steph (1) Ruth (2) Alex (2) Gemma (4) Ella (4)

Just because we are such a kind team, we are still supporting the rest of Derbyshire Division 1 from the bottom up. Maybe one day we will remember how to win a game. As long as we are still having fun right?

Val please fix your knee so you can write the match report next week….

Name Squad number Position Scored Assists Cards
Gemma Sudron 1
Julie Hoar 2
Jackie Wildhaber 5
Stephanie Liveley 7
Jan Poulton 26
Rachel Huskisson 30
Alex Hussey 37
Ruth Bordoli 42
Julie Howlett 49
Colette Wilson 57
Ella Asher 71
Kerry Glendon 74
Claire Penty