Ladies 3rd XI Vs Matlock 2

Date 1 December 2018
Team Ladies 3rd XI
Opposition Matlock 2
Fixture Away
Venue TBC
Start time 11:30
Result D 1 - 1
Time played
Scorers Valerie Cole (1)
Match Report


Dec 1st and cold, wet and miserable, (but that was just the opposition!) Anyone would think it was winter! Why isn't this game played in summer? With Gemma and I breathing germs on everyone Alex couldn't wait to get out in the fresh rainy air to warm up. What it takes to develop this level of enthusiasm. Jules had visited the beautician, so we all noticed the improvement in her looks, while she worried about her nails!! At least she didn't break one this week.

The first half saw us playing some of the best hockey we've played this season. In the home fixture we lost 1-0 to a very late goal, and were determined not to copy that result. Matlock brought in their first team keeper, who was outstanding, and a forward, but that can only be taken as a complement to us. A very even half of end to end attacking hockey saw them take the lead before half time, with a ball clearly brought back from outside play. We were "bowed but not broken." Jan got taken out off the ball, giving Jackie the opportunity to show her skills up front! Gemma made some brilliant saves. Claire had a couple of strong shots at penalty corners, and following one of them we should have been awarded a stroke, but somehow that decision became a long corner. 

Odders then moved in with the calming and inspirational team talk, while the sugar flow intake moved to epic proportions. 

The second half started much the same, with chances at both ends but not so many clear cut shots. However, we got our only pc of the half, injected by Steph and converted by Val. 1.1. We celebrated as if we'd won the world cup. The last 20 minutes saw Matlock throw the kitchen sink at us, but we just caught it and slung it back at them. They failed to convert a hat full of pc's as Rach and the team defended with enthusiasm, while Alex put everything on the line. We survived a non allowed goal and came off shattered and very happy. The whole team performance was amazing, with Ella improving weekly, the attack running miles, and an amazing team spirit.

Gemma only played today for the sausage and bean casserole we get in Wirksworth. What a disappointment when they didn't make it. Her comment on the way to the pub was " The second half of the season has nothing to offer now we've played both Matlock teams away!!!"

Thanks to Biff for umpiring, especially on such a lousy day. Hope you are dry and warm.

MOM votes were : Steph, and Val 1 each, Ella and Jules 3 each but won by duracell Rachel. (I have to point out that Ella's dad (super fan) voted against his daughter in favour of Rachel! Not fair.)

Happy Christmas and new year folks.



Name Squad number Position Scored Assists Cards
Gemma Sudron 1
Julie Hoar 2
Jackie Wildhaber 5
Stephanie Liveley 7
Jan Poulton 26
Rachel Huskisson 30
Alex Hussey 37
Julie Howlett 49
Colette Wilson 57
Valerie Cole 60 1
Ella Asher 71
Claire Penty