Ladies 4th XI Vs Woodlands 1

Date 6 October 2018
Team Ladies 4th XI
Opposition Woodlands 1
Fixture Away
Venue TBC
Start time 11:30
Result L 2 - 4
Time played
Scorers Charlotte Nutty (2)
Match Report

Derby 4s went into the game on a high after the win last week, despite the fact for most of the first half we only had ten players, which Woodlands took advantage of. But Derby kept it strong and managed some impressive defending against several strikes, most of which ended up getting lifted quite high. Heather Grimsey even took one in the belly, but that didn’t faze her. Amy was solid at the back even after playing most of the game for Derby 3s, backing up for Heather and Karen.

The first goal came from us with Charlotte managing to get the ball between the goalkeeper’s legs. Moments later, we were relieved to see salvation in the shape of Sue Smith, who came over from playing for Derby 3s to help us out. That was what we needed, as Woodlands pressed into our half. We kept it out and had several attempts on go, but we were thwarted each time.

Second half, Woodlands came in strong, scoring their first goal within minutes of starting the second half. Three goals came quickly after that for Woodlands, which put us on the back foot a little bit, as did the many lifted balls Woodlands committed. But Derby 4s were heartened when we saw the sudden appearance of Keely, who had ended up sleeping through her alarm and missed the first half. She made an impression in the middle of the field. A few presses and attempts to get the ball up to Woodlands defensive half came to fruition in the last few minutes when Charlotte used her magic again and charged into, getting the ball into the back of the goal.

Sadly, we weren’t able to pull it back, but the final score did nothing to show how hard everyone fought and how well everyone worked together on the pitch. Everyone used the width, we used triangles and there was a lot more communication than before.

Man of the Match was spread pretty evenly, with votes going to Shez, Katharine, Heather Grimsey and Sue, but Charlotte got the majority with four votes.

Name Squad number Position Scored Assists Cards
Sue Smith 21
Ruth Hindle
Jenny Dames
Heather Grimsey
Karen Hanbury
Sheridan Harries
Heather Coxon
Vicki Murdie
Amy Nichols
Charlotte Nutty 2
Katharine O'Neill
Donna Brown
Keely Walker