Ladies 4th XI Vs Staveley 2

Date 13 October 2018
Team Ladies 4th XI
Opposition Staveley 2
Fixture Away
Venue TBC
Start time 10:00
Result W 4 - 2
Time played
Scorers Donna Brown (3), Julie Howlett (1)
Match Report

We knew this was going to be an interesting one. Last time the teams faced each other at Staveley's home pitch, there was an almighty snow storm, which seemed to play to our advantage. Today, we had to compete with the wind. A warm wind, but the type that nearly tipped you over.
Staveley were going to come out hard, and they did. We played solidly, but Staveley managed to get a ball literally bouncing into the goal within the first five minutes. That didn't dampen our spirit, Charlotte, Hannah and Alex making the players in the middle dizzy, backed up by Sue and Vicki. Shortly after Staveley took their goal, we got one in return with Donna getting it past the goalie at a trickling pace that they couldn't stop. A lot of moaning from the opposition about that! Our second goal came not long after, when Donna attempted to get past three defenders coming right at her, plus the goalie. They all ended up in a heap, the ball sliding out towards Jules, who slammed it nicely into the corner of the goal.
Second half, we knew Staveley weren't going to be happy and would make many attempts on goal. Which they did, but with awesome keeping by Heather, it was hard to get past. Charlotte and Hannah worked together amazingly in the centre, moving the ball around and Charlotte taking such tight turns into the defensive circle near the back line it was making our eyes water.
Donna completed her hat-trick by slotting two more goals past the goalie, showing that her homing device has now fully charged. But Staveley weren't to be outdone, and took an awesome strike during a penalty corner that completely went through everyone. However, this was thirty seconds before we finished the game, and Derby walked away with the win.
The MOM votes were spread pretty evenly, but it was a tie between Donna and Vicki

Name Squad number Position Scored Assists Cards
Sue Smith 21
Alex Hussey 37
Julie Howlett 49 1
Colette Wilson 57
Vicki Murdie
Heather Coxon
Heather Grimsey
Amy Nichols
Charlotte Nutty
Hannah Nutty
Katharine O'Neill
Christina Bush
Donna Brown 3