Ladies 4th XI Vs Ilkeston 2

Date 10 November 2018
Team Ladies 4th XI
Opposition Ilkeston 2
Fixture Away
Venue Rutland Sport Park
Start time 14:00
Result L 0 - 3
Time played Normal time
Match Report

Pended by Amy

Derby arrived at Ilkeston ready to face their ladies 2s. After beating their ladies 1s 2 weeks prior, we felt quite confident this game would be in our favour. Oh how wrong we were. 

Derby started off slightly weaker than expected, struggling to find our formation and one of our subs arriving casually late - naming no names, Keely!! Not far into the first half, Ilkeston managed to find a break, pushing hard into our defending D and found the backboard which set Derby into panic. 

As we started to find our feet, we stayed strong making some pushes forward and were awarded several shorts but unfortunately couldn’t get past the keeper. Derby were then awarded with a flick after one of Ilkeston’s defenders kindly kicked the ball on the line. Derby froze as we all looked into the distance waiting for someone to step up. Yep, peer pressure kicked in and I gave it a whirl, but horrendously flicked it straight onto the keepers hands (pads) - absolute shambles, sorry team!! 

Half time whistle blew. Ilkeston 1, Derby 0. 

After a quick, stern team talk about lack of triangular work, and too many big hits not finding the end of anyone’s stick (sorry again team) we went into the second half with a little more umph. 

Derby started strong and were able to find some breaks, using some short and controlled passes however failed to equalise. Ilkeston continued to press and were awarded a short corner, which was quickly taken and shot from the top of the D. Ilkeston 2, Derby 0. 

Derby began to push harder, with Heather making some fabulous runs and working hard to get the ball into the attacking D; but Derby still couldn’t slip one past the keeper!

Ilkeston made a final break and were awarded another short, and after a casual slip managed to find the backboard for a 3rd time. 

Final score: Ilkeston 3, Derby 0. 

Mom votes were very close, with 1 vote to Liz, 1 vote to Hannah, 3 votes to Jenny J, 4 votes to Heather but winning with 5 votes was me?! (not sure I agree there, but much appreciated ladies)

Unfortunate result considering our 4-3 win against Ilkeston 1s; however you win some, you lose some. Onwards and upwards ready for Wulfric next weekend - let’s be positive for 3 points ladies!!

Name Squad number Position Scored Assists Cards
Erin Casayuran
Heather Coxon
Karen Hanbury
Ruth Hindle
Gill Howarth
Jennifer Jones
Rebecca Monteith
Mia Mundie
Vicki Murdie
Amy Nichols
Hannah Nutty
Keely Walker