Ladies 3rd XI Vs Belper 3

Date 9 February 2019
Team Ladies 3rd XI
Opposition Belper 3
Fixture Away
Venue TBC
Start time 10:00
Result L 0 - 5
Time played
Match Report

BELPER 3RDS 5 - DERBY 3RDS 0 We were hit by illness (Steph and Collette), and holidays (Jan) to take us to a basic 12 today, while Gemma, Ruth and Alex were obviously struggling with bad colds. However, we battled the winds of Eric, and the worn out lines of Belpers pitch, to attack this game. After a week of disclosure of phlegm and snot, it was a relief to be out in the open and hopefully away from the germs being carried by this group. Unfortunately, it wasn't a good game, coping with a very bouncy pitch. Belper were making almost as many errors as ourselves, and the umpire. They were 3 up at half time, but the 3rd followed a badly missed foul and Kerry being flattened off the ball. Defensively, it is difficult when you can't see where the D and 23mt lines are. (Hope you noticed I measured that in mts NOT yards. Things are moving forward in the old brain.)  The second half saw us determined to pass more accurately, and push the opposition back. Jules came into her own putting pressure on their defence while the midfield did their best to support. Sue started to emerge from the hangover (one champagne too many!) and Ella and Claire found themselves higher in attack. Jackie was unlucky to concede a flick from a penalty corner which they converted plus one other, but it was much better from us. Rach, Ruth and Kerry did a grand job in front of the busy back 3, while Gemma coughed and spluttered behind us. I enjoyed chasing after 15 year old Chloe. Seems to be happening a lot, and I guess next week will be no exception! Jackie and I discussed the benefits of a hot bath or hot tea to entertain our opposition, while the quote of the day must have come from Alex, who declared she only suffered one load of snot in her hair all game. Glad I wasn't playing near her! Thanks to Jill for umpiring. MOM votes were : Alex 1, Claire, Rach and Jules 2 each. Ella and Kerry 3 each. Easy match next week folks, so throw off the bugs and get fit for it. Val            

Name Squad number Position Scored Assists Cards
Gemma Sudron 1
Julie Hoar 2
Jackie Wildhaber 5
Sue Smith 21
Rachel Huskisson 30
Alex Hussey 37
Ruth Bordoli 42
Julie Howlett 49
Valerie Cole 60
Ella Asher 71
Kerry Glendon 74
Claire Penty