Ladies 3rd XI Vs Repton 2

Date 16 February 2019
Team Ladies 3rd XI
Opposition Repton 2
Fixture Home
Venue St. Benedict's Catholic Voluntary Academy
Start time 16:00
Result L 0 - 8
Time played
Match Report

Penned by Val DERBY 3RDS 0 - REPTON 2NDS 8 Having lost 11-0 away to these junior assassins we set ourselves the challenge of single figures today. An interesting task with half a team missing, ill, partying, attending weddings or around the world. A 4pm start was different, but very helpful as we managed to double up 6 players in our 12 who had already played. Many thanks to you all. Your fitness levels are amazing and in Jules' words, your legs deserve a gin. We held Repton early on and with Skully and Amy B strengthening our midfield pushed them back and created chances. Then they broke, rather fast, for my liking, and scored. Again we held on for 10 mins with Gemma outstanding in goal, before conceding another, and they had 4 at half time. A usual Odders positive team talk and we were ready to go again, determined to keep our young opposition working hard and looking miserable. Jackie playing alongside Jules ran miles up front to create us some chances, while Jules gave them a fright in a foot race she only lost to a foul tackle. Balls went flying across from Claire but we couldn't quite find the finish. They scored another 4, but we defended well to keep it at that, with Odders clearing over the bar, and me celebrating my own reverse volley from D to sideline. (See I'm learning from the opposition!) As we ducked their tremendous aerial shots, and attempted to find safe headroom to tackle, Jackie had their midfielder squealing like a pig as she took aim. Perhaps we should develop the scream! Amy N and Gill covered very competently for Jackie at the back while Keeley came into midfield and got seriously stuck in. Rachel, played as Rachel does, running everywhere, tackling everyone and beating the youngsters (less than half her age) time and again for pace and stamina. As always with this team we had a good go, while smiling and laughing at events on the pitch. We enjoyed the game and the response of our wonderful supporters. With Claire's cry of "aerial Val" in my ears I shall retire to bed and practice them before Staveley next week. Thanks Jill for umpiring again. MOM votes : 1 each for Claire, Gemma and Skully. 2 for me and a clear winner of Rachel with 4.

Name Squad number Position Scored Assists Cards
Gemma Sudron 1
Julie Hoar 2
Jackie Wildhaber 5
Rachel Huskisson 30
Julie Howlett 49
Valerie Cole 60
Claire Penty
Amy Nichols
Amy Bennett
Christina Skull
Keely Walker
Gill Howarth